Little Things Make The Big Picture


How many times do we rush off somewhere to work or an errand because the day is so busy? Many of us live to work,but I work to live. I have learned to appreciate and slow down for all the little moments that make up the big picture in life.

For me it’s getting that kiss or hug from my husband and kids before we all begin our day. The friendly wave from the crossing guards I see when I drop my son off at school. The trips to the park, pool or anywhere with my family. Talking with friends and family over a healthy Lunch or dinner. A Fun game night with cherished friends.The Much needed quiet break or nap by yourself. A thank you or any gratitude for a little gesture of kindness.

No matter who you are all these little things add up to a lot to make someones day better. These little things make our day worth it and help us look forward to another day. The little things help us lead a healthy and happy life.