Reincarnated From Another Place and Time


Do you ever get the feeling you were once someone else from another time period and place? Are you an artisan,craftsman, inventor or perhaps just feel lost in today?Maybe you are an old soul trying to make your mark on this new world.

I often have dreams and feelings that I don’t quite belong in this time. That I was royalty or a princess who traveled the world, and had many hobbies.There are so many crafts and hobbies I want to embark on but the daily grind of housework and the new age technology prevents me from getting very far.

I enjoy re-purposing old clothing and fabrics into things that fit into today. Whenever I can wear nice dresses and dress up, it makes me feel so good.

I love to make old furniture look new again. Whether it’s painting it a new color or just bringing back to it’s beauty.Our society seems to throw away a lot of older furniture that just needs a facelift.Then I go to furniture stores and they try to mimic old styles with cheap throw away materials.

I yearn to live in a more tropical climate.The ocean, sand and warmth constantly calls to me even if it is warm here in Wisconsin.

I love to experiment with cooking recipes from around the world. Many days I feel as if I was waited on and cooked delicious meals by a personal chef. There are days I crave my husband’s wonderful deserts that he makes.

Could any of these daydreams and night-time dreams once have been true. I’d love to know the answer just for piece of mind. Possibly someday my questions will be answered.


Different Directions


From spring to fall brings beautiful weather and very busy times.My husband and I are both only children so we can be very demanding of time spent alone and together.There are constantly projects everywhere and places to be.So time with each other is very far and few.

In 2006 I became a step-mom of 2 adorable kids and then in 2007 I had my own child as well. I had always done childcare for other people,but then you get to send them home and get a break.With your own kids your break is bedtime.Don’t get me wrong,I love my kids.

My husband  works long hours at his full time job. He has a few hobbies which include, his scale model car building and also Race Car Inspector from Spring to late Fall.

As a mom and wife there are always things to do and places to go. Recently I went back to doing in home childcare and quit my regular job.My long time struggle with Crohn’s Disease can often make life and things more complicated.In addition I have sewing, painting and various crafts of which I barely get to because there is childcare and housework.

Now that  two of the kids are older they seem to think helping out at home is a pain.There has to be some kind of bribe or payoff in order to do weekly chores.It doesn’t help that my husband is lazy about making sure they follow through with completing tasks. As teenagers they have baseball, softball, wrestling, band and many friends to hang with.

As a break we often have bonfires and cookouts to relax. Although it is always short lived because the running is constant with kids. I often start daydreaming about vacations by the ocean beach with peace and quite. So my mind and body are constantly in a struggle going different directions.

Pursuing Dreams and Passion


Today is the day towards my future tomorrows. I have begun my journey to doing what I love to live a happy and healthy life. I’ve given notice at my conventional office retail job to pursue my arts/crafts,childcare and wellness.I feel a weight being lifted that I can concentrate on the things that are important in my life. My Health, family and to work as an artist are my priorities. Getting “Back to Basics” and “KISS” of life is where it’s at. Happy successful people say do what you love because no amount of money will ever make you happy if you don’t love your life.Success and money will follow if that is the goal to part of life’s passion.

When I began this journey it started as a conscious effort of what I eat. All 100% natural food and drinks to eat in my house. Also to listen to my body’s cue of how I’m feeling. There are a few small food exceptions for the kids and my husband. In August when I was hospitalized I threw out all harsh house cleaning and personal hygiene products. This time it’s about whole health and wellness for my family, so that I’m not tempted to eat processed, artificial and fast food items.

This journey is about getting my family and I on a more level field. My husband and I consolidated, lowered and payed off debt. Now I don’t have to worry about working a constricting job that doesn’t allow me to work on getting my self healthy.Also the two older children have been reminded how important it is to help out around the house and step things up from their techie world.

Next I took on watching another boy my sons age so that he has company and I can rest or eat as needed. So far the boys are doing very well and it is a huge relief for me to see them have fun.

Lastly I will concentrate on building my arts and crafts networks.I have lots of jewelry, furniture and sewing projects waiting to be finished.I’m on my way are you?

Balance your Passion and Potential


Is it your time to be happy and healthy? Let’s admit that most of us need to learn to take time to Relax, Rest and Rejuvinate. Everyday we should have a routine to take the time to destress with yoga,meditation, a soothing bath, find a quiet place or whatever it takes to calm our mind and body.

For a long time, I have been going through the motions of day to day life just to pay bills and keep my family happy. When I was in my 20’s and 30’s life was all about friends, family and fun. Still I didn’t fully realize I was pursuing dreams, but not fulfilling the potential and passion to be successful for who I am. You have to be happy with who you are and be healthy. I had to connect all the dots of what I have been missing about Who I am.

First of all writing, art and animals have always been my biggest passions.Out of high school I went to MATC in Madison, WI for the Veterinary Technician program. For many years I had jobs that involved taking care of animals. In my early 20’s I attended at San Francisco City College, where I took some fine art and journalism classes. Then at 30 I went back to college again for Graphic Design at MPTC in Fond du Lac, WI. During this time I settled for a day to day  job that still isn’t working for my health and wellness because that’s what so many people deem acceptable. I let my family and material things spiral out of my control.

Even though I love a lot of today’s technology, I must admit that the Amish simple ways of life have also influenced me too. I remember all the simple old time pleasures that my great grandparents shared with me as a little girl.I’m now focused to eat healthier and love what I do to make a living. It’s time for me to balance my passion and potential.