Love is not always patient nor kind. It is a delicate web that has to be rebuilt throughout time.Things in life get lost and need to be found because there are so many possibilities abound.There is a music in your mind that plays and refines through time.You can get lost in the complications that seem to bind. Each person changes and grows like a flower in the sun.

From birth to adulthood, we as humans form bonds and relationships. As kids we don’t see race barriers or people as colors. We see hearts, minds, spirits, heartache and love.

I have been through many crazy relationships with friends and lovers, but none are ever easy. You love, hate, need freedom and sometimes feel taken for granted. Life is an ever changing  growth with many ups and downs.

Some people put an impression on your heart that you love  forever. Others leave you wondering why things ever happened and what was I thinking. There are very few you meet who are your kindered spirits of your ebb and flow. Some people love another more than the other loves them. You may find yourself appreciating their kind-hearted gestures, but despising them at the same time. Love can mean tolerating all the imperfections of another no matter how hard it is.I hold many cherished memories in my heart and soul of people encountered in life, but some leave a permanent stamp that can never be broken by time or distance. There are only a handful of those friends family and lovers that your heart can never let go.




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