Reincarnated From Another Place and Time


Do you ever get the feeling you were once someone else from another time period and place? Are you an artisan,craftsman, inventor or perhaps just feel lost in today?Maybe you are an old soul trying to make your mark on this new world.

I often have dreams and feelings that I don’t quite belong in this time. That I was royalty or a princess who traveled the world, and had many hobbies.There are so many crafts and hobbies I want to embark on but the daily grind of housework and the new age technology prevents me from getting very far.

I enjoy re-purposing old clothing and fabrics into things that fit into today. Whenever I can wear nice dresses and dress up, it makes me feel so good.

I love to make old furniture look new again. Whether it’s painting it a new color or just bringing back to it’s beauty.Our society seems to throw away a lot of older furniture that just needs a facelift.Then I go to furniture stores and they try to mimic old styles with cheap throw away materials.

I yearn to live in a more tropical climate.The ocean, sand and warmth constantly calls to me even if it is warm here in Wisconsin.

I love to experiment with cooking recipes from around the world. Many days I feel as if I was waited on and cooked delicious meals by a personal chef. There are days I crave my husband’s wonderful deserts that he makes.

Could any of these daydreams and night-time dreams once have been true. I’d love to know the answer just for piece of mind. Possibly someday my questions will be answered.


One thought on “Reincarnated From Another Place and Time

  1. Of course you reincarnated! ALL of your feelings about a different place and time are quite valid. There are people out there who do past life regression sessions. But, I think you could do this on your own – just ask yourself, before you sleep, to awaken remembering more details of who you were in the past.

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