Being a Stepmom to my Stepdaughter


When my husband and I first started dating in 2006, his 2 children were little kids that weren’t biologically mine. It was a difficult transition then and still is now. As the years have gone by, many fond memories have been and are still being built as I watch the children grow and change.

Since the beginning I have been thrilled to have a girl to buy girly things for. In some ways she reminds me of myself growing up. She loves to fish, ride her bike, swim, dance and play outside. She is a very smart and outgoing girl.

In 2007 I became pregnant with a little boy. Now there were three boys in the household. My stepdaughter was quite small,but she and the new little man were now attached at the hip. Now that she is almost a teenager and my son is 6, things are a little different. She is still a very important part of shaping his life.

My stepdaughter is now a teenager who can be a typical, catty, whiny and moody young girl. Even though she can be difficult at times I try to love her as much as she will allow.With all the Surprises it is a pleasure to see her turn into a young lady.


All of My Boys


Boys and men can be a challenge to deal with at times. I have a 15 year old stepson, a 7 year old boy and my husband to watch over.It seems that the macho male ego is built in and learned.No matter what the female tries to instill as skills and caring, the male toughness prevails.

I have a very loyal and hardworking husband who is very helpful when he is not driven in his own directions. In the spring and summer he is a Race car Inspector in addition to his regular job. He can rebuild,weld, paint and fix any vehicle. I love him for his ambition,caring, thoughtfulness and amazing baking skills. With all his admirable traits also comes complaining, doubts, and computer/video game playing.Grownup or not, he is a little boy in spirit.

My teenage stepson is smart, creative and talks a lot.His favorite things are baseball,fishing, video games, bike riding,skateboarding and ripping stuff apart. He struggles with being a big brother who wants to be in charge to a typical teen who tries to look and be cool, plus tough.He can be very argumentative and likes to challenge anyone’s authority and knowledge.

Then there is my chatty, 7 year old who can be sweet and still loves to give me hugs and sweet things. His favorite things are playing outside,legos, army men and games on his X box or I pad. He is at the age where he looks up to his male role models which means he is now becoming argumentative and tries to act tough with his friends and brother.

They are all different and the same in many ways.I love them for all the diversity they bring to my life.