Struggling to Simplify Stuff


The motivation to slim down all our stuff began with the prospect of moving to Florida in spring of 2014. For many months throughout my struggles with Crohns Disease, I have been trying to get rid of all the stuff that has built up in our house.Plus trying to keep up with housework, kids, a part-time job and stay well.

It has been a very long cold winter here which didn’t help the motivation. My Spring cleaning has continued even though it is still abnormally cold for Wisconsin. A few years ago my grandmother passed away and left me with many of her things. In addition my husband finally brought most or all of his stuff that was stored at his parents house and the crazy part is that we have been together for 9 years. Getting the family to sort and clean after school and work has been very difficult. Not to mention adding all the TV programs, phone chat/texts,computer, I pad and video games that they think can’t be postponed till later.

My kids did sort through there rooms full of clothes and toys. On one of our warmer days my husband cleaned part of the basement too. The garage has also became a catchall collector so that we can’t even park a vehicle in it.

Now my front porch is a garage sale, with stuff everywhere. It is still too cold to have a real sale, so I have been selling things on buy sell trade and other selling sites. It’s a lot of work to take pictures, post and chat back n forth with people interested in your stuff. There have been good and bad experiences with people.

Spring has arrived so Racing, baseball and softball practice has begun. Also there is only a month and a half left until school gets out. If we were having a bake sale my stepdaughter would be more excited. Things are getting done, but I’d appreciate more help selling and pricing things!


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