Pursuing Dreams and Passion


Today is the day towards my future tomorrows. I have begun my journey to doing what I love to live a happy and healthy life. I’ve given notice at my conventional office retail job to pursue my arts/crafts,childcare and wellness.I feel a weight being lifted that I can concentrate on the things that are important in my life. My Health, family and to work as an artist are my priorities. Getting “Back to Basics” and “KISS” of life is where it’s at. Happy successful people say do what you love because no amount of money will ever make you happy if you don’t love your life.Success and money will follow if that is the goal to part of life’s passion.

When I began this journey it started as a conscious effort of what I eat. All 100% natural food and drinks to eat in my house. Also to listen to my body’s cue of how I’m feeling. There are a few small food exceptions for the kids and my husband. In August when I was hospitalized I threw out all harsh house cleaning and personal hygiene products. This time it’s about whole health and wellness for my family, so that I’m not tempted to eat processed, artificial and fast food items.

This journey is about getting my family and I on a more level field. My husband and I consolidated, lowered and payed off debt. Now I don’t have to worry about working a constricting job that doesn’t allow me to work on getting my self healthy.Also the two older children have been reminded how important it is to help out around the house and step things up from their techie world.

Next I took on watching another boy my sons age so that he has company and I can rest or eat as needed. So far the boys are doing very well and it is a huge relief for me to see them have fun.

Lastly I will concentrate on building my arts and crafts networks.I have lots of jewelry, furniture and sewing projects waiting to be finished.I’m on my way are you?


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