You Gotta Want the Destination of Health


Here is your pep talk article to wellness!

Remember when you were a kid and people asked who you wanted to be? Your answer might have been a teacher, farmer, fireman, policeman or an artist. Back then life was all about learning new things and having fun with friends or family.I know my parents and grandparents told me enjoy being young because when you grow up things are more challenging.

Now as a grown up life is a little more complicated because you must have a job to pay bills, have a social life and possibly a family. Day to day life is more fast paced and overwhelming.Each day there are temptations of eating processed, artificial, sugary and salty foods because they are convenient and you don’t bother to read the ingredients because it’ seems faster and you are on the go.It’s really not that hard, but you gotta want to make more conscious choices.

To travel through life’s twists and turns YOU have to figure out the who, what, where, when and why to the Destination that makes a difference in a healthy and happy living.

WHO are you going to be to make a difference in yourself and the people around. Can you make a lifestyle change to eat naturally for you and your family to stay healthy? Will you set goals and boundaries to be less stressed and have fun?

WHAT is it going to take to stay focused to eat healthy and use natural things to clean yourself and home. You need to set up a network of people to talk to you when you are tempted to steer around your destination.

WHERE will you turn for a network of friends and family that will honor your wishes to stay focused. Will you make more homemade meals,bring good snacks for on the go and pick healthier restaurants.

WHEN are you going to be ready to commit to a healthier you? Is now the time to avoid the junky alternatives that have made you gain weight,lose weight or become sicker?

WHY do you need and want to be healthier? Is it because you already have health problems that have been on a roller coaster far too long.Are you setting an example for your kids, extended family and friends to get on the ride. Do you want to be able to do more things,go more places and have more energy.


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