A new Journey with Crohns


I remember as a kid always writing a journal/diary of my good and bad days even before I was diagnosed with Crohns disease. It helped me get all the ideas out of my head and move on. Now I have a  renewed sense of motivation to help others out while I get back on a rode to better health.

Yesterday I left the hospital after a week of Iv nutrition and high doses of medications.On the way home my husband and I had a great meal at The Journey restaurant in Madison, WI. Which was a very fitting start.Then we went to Woodmans and got some other needed foods for wellness.

Today I went to buy my nutritional protein and vitamin enhanced powder to make drinks to build my weight and energy level up. I also went to buy fresh and frozen veggies and fish to make at home. When I made my fish, tomato soup and had hummus dip with chips, I resisted the junk food that will soon be out of the cupboards. No more of this for me or my family! Only homemade things, which aren’t processed in any way.
First of all you must drink plenty of water, decaffeinated teas, 100% juice and nutritional drinks than the average person in order to stay hydrated.
Eat 5-6 small meals a day or very nutritional snacks between 3 regular meals. If you want to get well, you must buy things with real ingredients that you’d make a  homemade meal with. Only spices, herbs, flours, veggies and meats without any added preservatives.
Get rid of anything that has artificial sugars of any kind, like Aspartame, Sucralose, High Fructose Corn Syrup,etc. Instead use honey, agave, stevia for sweetening things.NO SODA/POP unless it has natural sugar which means you are buying the expensive kind as a treat or you are making a homemade carbonated beverage somehow. The motivator of why is because it feeds the bad bacteria in your gut and amps up inflammation. We are only supposed to have 25g for women( 6 teaspoons) to 35g for men (9 teaspoons)of sugar per day! Most people I know are way beyond that with one soda. Doesn’t that make you wonder why there is so much diabetes and other health conditions???

Watch the salt too.

The Right Amount of Sodium

The recommendation for sodium intake is less than 2,300 mg/day for adults. This equals about one teaspoon of table salt. Most people consume far too much sodium through processed foods and table salt. The minimum requirement of sodium for normal body function is about 500 mg/day.

Dangers of Too Much Sodium

Sodium can have a direct relationship with blood pressure. Excessive sodium consumption can lead to high blood pressure, or hypertension, which is a risk factor for heart disease, stroke and kidney failure. It is a good idea to become familiar with labels on processed foods and check sodium content. Some canned soups have as much as 1,000 milligrams of sodium per serving. Also, limit salting food at the table. When eating out remember that many foods are heavily seasoned with salt and MSG during preparation.

Get all your vitamins and minerals.

Here are the recommended daily allowances:

Nutrient Unit of Measure Daily Values
Vitamin A International Unit (IU) 5000
Vitamin C milligrams (mg) 60
Calcium milligrams (mg) 1000
Iron milligrams (mg) 18
Vitamin D International Unit (IU) 400
Vitamin E International Unit (IU) 30
Vitamin K micrograms (µg) 80
Thiamin milligrams (mg) 1.5
Riboflavin milligrams (mg) 1.7
Niacin milligrams (mg) 20
Vitamin B6 milligrams (mg) 2.0
Folate micrograms (µg) 400
Vitamin B12 micrograms (µg) 6.0
Biotin micrograms (µg) 300
Pantothenic acid milligrams (mg) 10
Phosphorus milligrams (mg) 1000
Iodine micrograms (µg) 150
Magnesium milligrams (mg) 400
Zinc milligrams (mg) 15
Selenium micrograms (µg) 70
Copper milligrams (mg) 2.0
Manganese milligrams (mg) 2.0
Chromium micrograms (µg) 120
Molybdenum micrograms (µg) 75
Chloride milligrams (mg) 3400
Nutrient Unit of Measure Daily Values
Total Fat grams (g) 65
  Saturated fatty acids grams (g) 20
Cholesterol milligrams (mg) 300
Sodium milligrams (mg) 2400
Potassium milligrams (mg) 3500
Total carbohydrate grams (g) 300
  Fiber grams (g) 25
Protein grams (g) 50

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