Creating Wellness for IBD

For the person who hasn’t read any of my other blogs, I have lived with Crohns complications for now 27 years. I was diagnosed at the age of 14 in 1987, when doctors were still baffled by treating the disease. I have been on every modern medicine that modern doctors have available and even done clinical trials.Throughout this time I have have had at least one hospital visit a year, a take down and reconstruct surgery due to a puncture during a colonoscopy. I have avoided further surgery because it is not a cure and I know this because It runs in my family history.
Now I have decided to buckle down and live a natural lifestyle because modern meds and modern doctors have not improved my disease long term. Only with an all natural lifestyle have i had success. Then when I got lazy, overstressed or too busy with life I left my health on the back burner. Eating junk food on the go or at home because it is part of our easy access lifestyles. After this hospital visit my doctors again urged me with surgery as the best option and basically that I’m making a mistake by not doing it. So this time I built up a network of friends and family to call, text, e mail or message whenever I think of getting off track.
I will still need to follow up with my modern medical doctors, but not use all the damaging drugs with so many side effects. So here I go with a renewed sense of determination. stay tuned for updates.
Note:Most of these treatments are from past experience, friends with IBD and other things have been obtained by  natural Full Circle medical doctors.


First of all getting your mind and body aligned is what it takes to get well. You must find ways to slow down, and destress. Only then will you be able to follow a healthy eating lifestyle.

People with IBD tend to be over achievers who are hyper and try to take on a superhero mentality of doing to much all at once.

Do you relate to many of these?
• Addicted to perfectionism
• A control freak, OCD about cleaning and etc…
• Fearful of rejection?
• Fearful of failure?
• Worried too much about what others think?
• A people pleaser?
• Afraid to say no?”
• An emotional eater?
• Angry at yourself or someone else?
• Needing to forgive someone or repair a relationship?
• Needing$to$ditch$certain$relationships$altogether?$
• In need of better boundaries?
• Consistently anxious?
• Depressed?
• Overworked?
• Overwhelmed?
• Stressed out?
• Spread too thin for your own good?
• Pushing yourself to exhaustion?
• Missing someone?
• Grieving a loss?
• In a toxic relationship?
• In a toxic living environment?
• Hiding?
• Blaming others?
• Playing the victim?

These are some of the circumstances that could be contributing to your illness,keeping you sick and preventing you from bringing the health vision you desire.


Getting hydrated and reducing or eliminating sugar, caffeine, preservatives and artificial substances will reduce the stress on your GI tract and get you pointed in the right direction. Also eat smaller meals and drink fortified shakes and smoothies with added vitamins and minerals.

• Going gluten free
• Going dairy free
• Increasing therapeutic foods like kefir,fermented foods,homemade broth,and more
• Targeted supplements like probiotics and vitamins like B12
• Elimination diets

Crohn’s and Colitis patients suffer from malnutrition due to our body’s inability to absorb nutrients because our gut bacteria is not normal. If you ignore taking this area of understanding, then your GI tract won’t heal well.Also stress and a damaging emotional state plays a big part on a rode to wellness.

Steps to healing inflammatory bowel disease are:

1. Providing bowel rest. Find a high protein and vitamin, mineral rich drink to keep up calories between meals and on the go.

2. Killing off the bad bacteria and fungus in the gut (disease-causing organisms)

3.Re-Populating The Gut Flora , by taking a broad spectrum pro-biotic,a minimum of 7 to 10 billion CFU (colony-forming units) of each species, per day

4. Healing intestinal inflammation and ulceration. aloe juice

5. Resolving nutritional deficiencies

A full spectrum multi-vitamin and multi-mineral,

  • 3,000 to 4,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day. Use the right dosage for your skin color and environment.
  • B12
  • 4 to 6 capsules of cod liver oil per day (or 2 teaspoons).
  • 2 tablespoons of Udo’s Oil per day.
  • Pycnogenol or grape seed extract.
  • Coenzyme Q10.
  • Vitamin C in mineral ascorbate form – needed for your immune system and for blood clotting. Do not take it in ascorbic acid form, or it will cause loose bowel movements or diarrhea.
  • If you are having more than 3 bowel movements per day, take powder or liquid supplements, or open the capsules and dissolve them in liquid.

6. Detoxing your living environment

7. Healing the contributing emotional factors.60% of your body’s neurotransmitters are not in your brain, but in your gut!

8. Balancing your hormones. f you have had Crohn’s disease symptoms for longer than eight months, or if you have taken any kind of steroid or immune suppressant drug, then it is highly likely your thyroid gland is not functioning properly, and quite likely your adrenal gland isn’t either. Ideally, you should see a doctor who specializes in hormone balancing and have your endocrine system (glands that produce hormones) tested properly.

People Crohn’s disease have bacterial flora that is unbalanced throughout their gastrointestinal tract. The repeated use of antibiotics (often since childhood) and the invasive medical diagnostic tests alone have destroyed much of the “good” protective bacteria in their small and large intestines. When the good, protective bacteria are depleted, then disease-causing organisms like yeast (candida albicans), viruses, parasites, and bad bacteria flourish.This excess of disease-causing organisms causes inflammation and damage to the mucosal lining, resulting in leaky gut syndrome – a condition where undigested food particles and bacteria seep into the bloodstream, triggering allergic reactions and infection in other places in the body (the joints, skin, eyes, etc).

If you have back or belly pain or discomfort use this tried and true reliever from our great grandparents and many cultures.

Castor Oil Pack Components:

  • Cold-Pressed Castor oil.
  • Two sheets of plastic (garbage bags OK).
  • 1 yard cotton or wool flannel.
  • Heating pad (if indicated).
  • Large old bath towel.
  • 3 safety pins.

Preparing a Castor Oil Pack

Cut a piece of plastic that will cover the flannel with at least 1 to 2 inches extra around the border of the flannel. Drizzle approximately 1/4 cup of castor oil onto the flannel, then fold it in half to saturate. The pack should not be dripping with oil – it should have just enough oil to make a slight oil mark on furniture, as if you were going to polish it.

NOTE: The first couple of weeks you use the pack you will have to apply a tablespoon or so of oil about every 3 to 4 days. Eventually the pack will be saturated enough that reapplication of oil should only be needed every couple of weeks.

Lay out an old towel on the surface you will be lying on. Castor oil stains, and you want to avoid getting it on sheets, carpet, or clothing. Lie on your back and place the saturated flannel on your abdomen. Cover the flannel with plastic. Then place the thin dish towel or old cloth over the plastic. Place a hot water bottle or heating pad over the thin towel and plastic, and wrap the bath towel around you to hold it all snug.

Relax for 30 to 60 minutes. This is an excellent time to practice visualization, meditation, or deep breathing exercises, listen to classical music or sleep – or to watch a good movie!

When finished, you can remove the oil with warm water and soap in the shower. I prefer to just wipe my abdomen with an old towel and leave the oil on my skin to be completely absorbed while I sleep (I apply the pack at night, before bed – but I sleep on a towel or old sheets, as even the oil residue can stain).

Store the pack in a large zip-lock bag. You can reuse it many times, adding more oil as needed to keep the pack saturated. Replace the pack after it begins to change color (usually several months). Do not wash the flannel – just throw it out.

 Yoga – Yoga is very helpful for back pain. Look for a video or yoga class that is either specifically geared to resolving back pain, or one that is called ‘therapeutic’ yoga.

a bath- with epsom salt and lavender also helps pain.


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