Liquid Hospital Diets


Another hospital stay due to my Crohns disease and I realize how flawed the connection to eating right are blended with hospital protocols. If you have ever had to be on a liquid or elemental diet while in the hospital be informed of all the artificial sugar they are feeding you. Then because of this they do blood sugar checks every 4 hours and if you are over 140 because of all the sugars, you have to get insulin shots. I’m not even diabetic.
Ask to read labels or ask whats in the Therapeutic nutrition they are giving you. One of them they wanted me to drink had Acesulfame, Sucralose and sugar while the other had aspartame,dyes(food coloring) and sugar. Those aren’t good for anyone even if you don’t have health problems yet.
If you can eat real food there are good choices like cod, salmon, rice, sweet potatoes and more.What they don’t have is good choices if you have milk or lactose sensitivities.Then if you try to suggest that the ingredients in food and supplements matter, they just shrug and say maybe.


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